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Este blog está dedicado al análisis y discusión de temas relacionados con la seguridad nacional y la defensa. Aunque en este sitio se encontrará información primordialmente sobre México, también se abordarán temáticas que por su relevancia bien pudieran aplicarse a otras latitudes. El autor es fundador y Director de Inteligencia en Riskop, una firma mexicana de inteligencia estratégica y control de riesgos. Politólogo por el ITESM Campus Monterrey y egresado del William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (DPCT 2016). Investigador Externo del Instituto de Investigaciones Estratégicas de la Armada de México y conferencista en el Centro de Estudios Superiores Navales y el Colegio de Defensa Nacional.

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Mexican Navy 2009-2010 Review

The Mexican Navy 2009-2010 Review contains key information regarding the Navy’s operations, equipment acquisitions and institutional development projects of the last fiscal year.

I summarized the most important features of the 100-page document here:

International Cooperation Agreements:

 • Signals and Satellite Intelligence Cooperation Agreement with the Colombian Ministry of Defense.

• Trilateral Conference (Mexican, US and Colombian navies) on sea-based counter-drug trafficking operations.

• Intelligence and Hemispheric Security Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico organized by the US North and South Commands.

• Joint Communications Agreement with the US Navy and the US Coast Guard.

Naval Operations, Training and Modernization Projects

• Tactical Intelligence and Urban Warfare Training Course along with the US Marine Corps.

• Special Operations Training Course along with the US Navy Seals and US Marine Corps Special Operations Command.

• Joint Operations Agreement between the Navy Command and Control Room and the Air Force’s Aerial and Radar Surveillance System.

• Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Course for the Naval Center for Higher Studies’ Faculty.

• Implementation of a Network-Centric Warfare System to effectively link the navy’s Command and Control Rooms with surface, air and land operational units.

The last one is perhaps the most ambitious project in the institution. Its goal is to connect all vessels, airplanes and infantry units with the Command and Control Centers that the Navy is installing all along the country.

The entire document is worth reading…hope you find the time. Click here.

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